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"Great Software - I've actually used it for several years now!"

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wow, someone can't get the software to work so they trash the product?


Follow the instructions! You just run the executable, dummy.

If you need an icon to double click then make a shortcut to the executeable. Get a mac if you need your hand held. That was being nice.

How can you not love this software?

It's free, and it works well. If you don't like this software - chances are "you're not doing it right" and you might not be ready for something this powerful anyway.

You may have to download the encoder separately and place it in the right folder - unless that downloader they are pushing does that for you...It's been a while since I've actually downloaded it - but once you have it set up you just take the whole folder structure with you - and run the executable. It's not that difficult...

One Million Stars,

  • Easy to run. No install necessary.
  • The only con I can see is this "Free download with Softonic Downloader" Nonsense. Explain how that makes anything easier than just providing a zip file for downloading? Not everyone is as stupid as the first reviewer who couldn't get the software to work you know.
  • Beyond that,see the review...

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10 Dec 2011

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